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Terms and Conditions

  1. The agreed upon number of guests determined the price and service levels all guests enjoy. Absolute maximum persons (including toddlers and babies)

    The Arch - Red - 6 people in total
    The Arch - Blue - 6 people in total
    The Archie - 4 people in total


  2. The Arch is a quiet nature retreat and noisy socials and loud music can unfortunately not be accommodated.

  3. All units are non-smoking

  4. There is no pets allowed, unless previously arranged - we would also like to point out that the gate opens onto a busy road and the safety of your pets should be considered.

  5. The roof area is very high, the walls can be climbed - you accept full responsibility for any children/pets that are allowed by yourself on this area.

  6. There is ample parking for our paying guests, we cannot accommodate outside vehicles.

  7. All furniture and blankets/pillows cannot be taken outside with the exception of the camping chairs.

  8. Please communicate any complaints and suggestions to us, even if you think it is small, we appreciate any feedback.

  9. The deposit we are holding wil be paid back on the day after check-out. Please chack the inventory and report any missing items no more than two hours after check-in.

Legal Responsibility

  1. The person booking the house accepts full responsibility, in his personal capacity, for any losses, breakages or damages of any nature occurring to the house, or the contents thereof, during their stay.

  2. Agrees to convey these Terms and Conditions to all the members in their group,

  3. Accepts the responsibility to ensure that all members adhere to the stipulations of these Terms and Conditions.

We reserve the right of admission.


Reservation Policy

This is a quotation on the goods named, subject to the conditions noted below:

- If the cleaners are required every day the rate is R200.00 per unit

- Laundry is calculated at R67.00 per load

- No Boisterous parties are allowed

- No picking of flowers

- 100% cancellation fee will apply 1 week from the check in date.

Cancellation Policy

Friendly Cancellation

More than 7 days before check-in - 100% deposit refunded

More than 48 hours before check-in - 50% deposit refunded

Less than 48 hours before check-in - 0% deposit refunded

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